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SOURCE NET CANADA INC. has emerged as one of the leading companies engaged in manufacturing, assembly and distribution activities providing value added services to its customers in Canada and all over the world. SOURCE NET CANADA INC.’s business involves seeking out manufacturers and designers of products from all over the world for solutions best suited for the market. SOURCE NET CANADA INC. carries forward this task to bring the right solution for the customer at the right price and right time. SOURCE NET CANADA INC. has managed to form a portfolio of principle companies, which are one of the market leaders in their respective fields. SOURCE NET CANADA INC. operates a decentralized business philosophy through which the local managers make all the day-to-day decisions. The highly trained team offers unbiased advice to find the best solution for customers’ needs. This management style helps to build relationships with customers and suppliers locally for everyone’s benefit. Delivering smart solutions At SOURCE NET CANADA INC. we are committed to helping your business by offering latest industry news, legislation information, market i leading promotions and specialist products or advice along with events such as dealer seminars. Through diversification of product range and services the company has been successfully supplying high quality products to the Armed Forces, Transport industry, Shipping industry, Wind energy industry, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Machine building, Processing industry and many others. If you want to learn more or work with a company, which is backed by years of practical experience and demonstrable success , give us a call or send us email at